Sunday, November 1, 2009

To, Zizou.

Hello Sunshine,
This took some time coming, didn't it? I was wondering what I would say to you. But hey! You made a demand and from previous experiences you should know, that I do not dishonour your demands. I just cannot. So there are three things that I want to tell you.
The first is that the concept of reason is the biggest lie ever manufactured. Reason doesn't exist. Reason is the omnipresent excuse for any and everything that goes on. And even when there is "reason" it isn't cause enough. I am building up this arguement in order to make a sweeping statement: There is no reason for why some people are more lovable than other people. You should know that you are definitely part of the 'more lovable' lot. I can give you a thousand reasons. But, really there is no reason. You're just lovable. Don't ever question that. And don't let anyone else.
The second is that thought is the most over-rated aspect of behaviour. The biggest misunderstanding are always a function of thought out speeches and conversations. They leave no room for any real conversation. Thought makes you want to predict other people's behaviour. And that's where you score. You feel the way you behave; you don't think it out. You shine through from the inside, you crazy diamond.
The third is that very few people in life are fortunate to be beautiful. And by that I don't mean, going-to-the-gym-and-starving-to-death-and-getting-a-flat-belly beautiful. I mean just plain, effortless beauty. Believe me, you don't know how beautiful you are. Because you keep craving to be the 'flat-belly-woman'. And you know why that is? It's because you are more innocent than you think you are. This probably doesn't make sense to you. And I'm sorry if you were expecting something more...poetic. I mean every word of that. It just came to me.


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