Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On Being A Hypocrite

Not to mention
There isn't much to mention
I must now say
There is nothing much to say
And reiterate my points
In a matter-of-fact way
Perfunctory philosophy:
Words for sale
On blogs and tongues
The common tale
Musings about
Love, god, thought and belief
Only love really;
Of struggle and relief
And the claim of truth
In the many stories
Enforced and uncouth

The lightness of words
The songs of birds
The beggars' cry
The lovers' sigh
The fortitude of knights
The darkness of nights
The honesty of fears
The truth about tears
The coming of revolutions
The doctors' prescriptions
The quality of things
The lord of the rings
Musings over things
The addictiveness of tea
The depth of the sea
Touch my heart
And fail to convince me
Of themselves
and of me

This is my truth
As I'd like it to fit
My dissartetion
On being a hypocrite

Rishi Razdan

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Musings 1

Can I pride myself on loyalty?
Or will I berate myself for being a conformist?
Will I ever cross a fault-line in the very many years of my existence?
Will I even remember this question?