Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inspitefully Speaking

 I've been too caught up with the triviality that is my life. All my recent posts have been about me. It defiles the greater thought process, and the larger set of questions that this blog was meant for. However, the heart wants what it wants.  

 *sheepish puppy dog smile, followed by disgust*
 I somewhere believe that physical imagery is a metaphor. That all physical matter that exists, in particular form and manner, exists for a reason. No scrap that last, not reason. Everything material that exists in this world is an identical ameboid micro replication of everything bigger than it, and an ameboid macro replication of everything smaller than it. Everything is trying to tell you something. Wisdom lies in the static. Because, the static is what is unperturbed.
  If you aren't terribly bored yet, you can read on for an example.

 Have you ever sat across someone and talked to them till the position of the sun changed? I did not want to use time as a scale. Didn't we invent time to define the movement of the sun? So if the sun moves slow in a place or at a time, is time really passing, or is it an illusion? Isn't time as an entity defined by light then? Measuring the different phases of light was the cause of an non existent entity like time. Then why does the clock tick even on days when the sun goes down late? 

 Doesn't time pass really fast sometimes? What if the sun even has gone down then, if there is light then time hasn't passed. I am very reluctant to accept the concept of time being true, it means that a lot of what was tangible has passed and will never come back, whereas, if I convince myself that we lie about time, I feel like I have more sunshine. We collectively deluded ourselves into believing time. We all lie together.
 So, now that I am convinced that I have enough time to write this, I must admit that I went off. Let's go back to the beginning. Have you ever sat across someone and talked to them till the position of the sun changed? Observe. The sun throws light on different parts of the person. The hair glistens at points. The torso is highlighted. Sometimes sunlight cuts through, partitioning the face diagonally, leaving half of them in the light and the rest in the dark. Light does magic. There comes a point when you feel that the sun just hovering over the person, bending over them. So that the light falls diagonally on their face, and the eyes glisten. Have you ever seen someone's eyes glisten for long enough? It feels like their moist, till it starts feeling like they have a tear in their eye. Yes, everyone, always has a tear in their eye. You must have heard the line 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times'. It doesn't matter how happy you are. There's still that one tear in your eye. Sounds stupid? Inconsequential? Try it, look at the tear in everyone's eye. Shiny, happy people.

'Ooh! Life
It's bigger,
Bigger, than you,
And you are not me,
The lengths that
I will go to,
The distance in your eyes.'


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  1. Okay at the risk of sounding completely pathetic, I almost cried. hell I have a 'tear' in my eye still :) :P
    Funny thing is, I don't really know why. It's true that all of us (me and you in particular) can just never get enough of ourselves and therefore that's usually what tends to occupy our writings as well, but at times like these when we somehow, I might add, excruciatingly move away from that prevalent topic, this is the outcome. It's fantabulous! The description of the sun and shades. The holding 'time' still while we observe that one person. Beautiful imagery :) Kind of felt like you really DID pause time for a bit there...