Monday, November 9, 2009

Lightyears & Love.

I have too much work to be blogging my life away.  That's just a preliminary confession, it has nothing to do with the content of this blog.

"The world has come to what it has, because of the objectification of subjective things."
-Krishna Jhaveri

 The credibility of that quote is no less, just because it is by someone who is alive, not despised and not caucasian. 

 The closer I get, the more beautiful you seem. You keep asking me these pointed definitives: How long would I have waited? Are we even going to last? How do I know you won't get bored? Is this right? What do other people think?

On the contrary, I just want to throw an abstract cellophane-ish query at you:
I want to take that simple query and stretch it wide enough to engulf your universe. And it is quite a universe, isn't it? With the lovers and the haters, the detractors and the believers, the good and the bad, the fortunate and the unfortunate and me. The 'me' is an afterthought, I know. Incongruous with the other ambivalences that populate your life. Maybe that is why it is so hard for you to lie to me. Or hide from me, because I am nothing like the rest of your universe. A dim far-off planet amongst the millions of stars, that seem so much closer. It's a funny thing na? Stars seem so much closer than planets. So much brighter and so visible. Even though they are so much farther. Sometimes I wonder if stars are just far off planets, and we manipulate this distance of lightyears, and call them stars. Come closer, won't you? No Shelly ever wrote about the beauty of Uranus. How convenient. Look out of your window and romanticize the the brightest roundest thing you see. The sickening pale moon, that is in a perpetual strife, continuously trying to run away from you, in the false hope that he can outrun you on your spherically parallel tracks. But, do you want the moon? It's eroded, deluded into being beautiful and even men have walked on it. I am farther than that, but closer than the stars that shine the sun's light.

 Not that I am perfect, no I move in circles too, but as per my own will. 

 Can planets share a symbiotic relationship. Specially fiery ones like me? Let the universe implode if not, I want to collide into you, if it's going to end anyway. Always staying in your orbit, close enough to collide, if only we can make enough of this universe go wrong. I will shadow you till then, with my own light, I don't need the sun. 

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  1. It's your best. According to me. Honestly.
    You've outdone yourself with the accuracy of the situation and the picturization of it all. And I can say that because, well, I know of it :P
    But I think what did it instantly was Krishnas quote :) Haha perfect!
    And oh, oh, the last para! Crazy.