Sunday, January 15, 2012

War and Peace

An interesting thought that I came across while listening to a business luminary was on the division of labor.

He said that even in business organizations there were 'war-time' soldiers and 'peace-time' soldiers. That the former in the latter's place and vice versa were no better than a shepherd with a violin. That got me thinking. And it rings true now that I think about it. In the finer shades of gray, where you can typecast people, there are those of us who have always found un-ending marsh lands of conflict, and others who in the middle of a blitzkreigs have star-gazed in their Oases.
Then there are those of us, outside of the shades of gray under the ambit of white or black, bound by our state of being more than our stream of thought. Those of us who are forever restless. Those of us who are always consuming energy. Those of us with constantly shifting feet. Those of us with a high propensity to consume anything that comes our way. Those of us with inflated self images. Those of us with virulent ideas of loyalty. Those of us who battle the hostilities within them, till they give in to them, and embrace them. Then they see the world differently. They see the world as a series of subjugations. And like a sport they start keeping count of when they subjugated and were subjugated. They begin to make love to their hostilities and end up married to them.
It is outside the shades of gray that the balance of the world is kept, between those of us who are warriors and those of us who are peacemakers. Conflict is the beginning and the end of everything.

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  1. Read this more than once. Beautiful, Razdan.