Sunday, June 17, 2012

Revolving Paths

I move like a Knight moves on a chess board. 2 and a half steps whatever way, and never in the same direction. It always has been my favorite piece on the chess board. It can leap over lesser pieces. It can move odd directions. It can deviate paths. It can go 4 places or more at once, even when surrounded by a bunch of pieces. It can check and mate a king. A well fortified king. A king surrounded and entrapped in his own people. It can lead the van and stale advances. It can travel great distances in but a few moves. Oh, and ofcourse there's the romance well attached with the notion. The Knight, the self employed fool. The taker of risks. The paragon of justice. The protector of the poor. The keeper of courtesies. But what is the bane of the Knight? It is a slave to it's own ways. It's ill designed for simpler tasks. Meaningless tales. Deeds unworthy of song. Battles short on glory. Taking a shit in gilded steel. Even on an empty chess board, with a straight path to follow, it must resign to 2 and a half steps, whatever way, and never in the same direction.


  1. Because this is one of the few places you're still recognizable.

  2. Yes, you do seem to move like the Knight. Even over a blank page. Jumping, evading, hardly straight to the point. Then again, there is too much time. And too little to do. Even skipping on stones becomes worthwhile.