Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love altogether, as an emotion, has a negative basis. It is based on possession, sacrifice and bondage (see: commitment). It is so easy to substitute it with any of these three. To forget love, absorbed in an iron grasp, self righteousness or needless worship, is but natural. The corny Hindi songs about love being like a dangerous poison or alcohol (depending on the quality of your translation/translator), were not altogether wrong. It's hard to dodge a blackhole-ish continuum of jealousy, care, sex, apathy, commitment, romanticism, friendship and every other set of antithetical values in the world. As Prince Charles famously completed Princess Diana's answer to whether they were in love:
Journalist: So, are you in love? (or something like that)
Princess Diana: Yes
Prince Charles: (aside, caught on the mike) Whatever that means.

Ps. She died.